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When Students with Dreams started in 2011, it was the first youth leadership programme of its kind in Malawi. With 70% of the population under 30 and more than 70% of Malawians aged 15-29 working in the informal sector, young people are looking for opportunities to contribute to their country’s development. Yet with an education system that emphasises memorisation and competition, young Malawians have few chances to pursue their passion, design their own projects and mobilize fellow youth.

Students with Dreams provides college students with training, mentorship and seed funding to develop creative and innovative projects that address pressing social issues. Dreamers have used condom couture to spark conversations about reproductive health, rejuvenated run-down schools, taught primary and secondary school students music and creative writing, and so much more! Since 2011, we have supported 98 students at 3 colleges in realizing 47 projects in southern Malawi. You can learn about our Dreamers and their projects here: