There’s a team of three powerhouses at Malawi College of Health Sciences currently dreaming of a community free from cervical cancer. Tiyamike Kaimilira, Chifundo Mchecheta and Hassan Ibrahim are working on a project called Advocacy on Cervical Cancer Screening (ACECS), which provides women with information about cervical cancer and provides a platform for them to get screened.  

After its initial launch, the project began to go into villages raising awareness to women on the issue. However, upon initial contact with different women in their first village (Chidothi village), they realized that one major problem was the transportation to the testing facilities. Thus they shifted their focus to not just creating awareness, but also working hand in hand with Zomba Central hospital to organize days in which the women who are willing can go for cervical cancer screening.

Their campaign has successfully managed to reach 175 women between 15- 24 years old in Chidothi and Ntiya villages. They had their first successful testing day where a handful of women managed to get tested at Zomba Central Hospital. They continue to make steady progress and are planning for three more awareness campaigns with more women in Mpunga, Chikanda and Mlenga villages.

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