Art and Global Health Center (ArtGlo) Africa fosters creative leadership and implements innovative arts-based, health orientated programmes that inspire and mobilise. 


Our Programmes

Make art / stop aIDS

Make Art/Stop AIDS uses participatory film and theatre to break the social, cultural and structural barriers to HIV testing, treatment and care. The programme mobilises communities, local leadership and healthcare centres to collaboratively address stigma, discrimination and fear to improve access to HIV services.

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The Umunthu Programme uses the arts to catalyse reflection and discussion, providing a platform to address issues of stigma and discrimination through the lens of “Umunthu,” a Pan-African philosophical concept of humanity.

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Students with Dreams

The Students With Dreams youth leadership programme provides college students with training, mentorship and seed funding to develop innovative projects that creatively address pressing social issues.

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  • I didn't know a performance could give us life.
    — Audience member at a Make Art/Stop AIDS performance, Makwapala
  • Where there is no Umunthu, people's actions are informed by the question, "What's in it for me,” as opposed to “What's in it for us?"
    — Umunthu Workshop Participant at The University of Malawi, Polytechnic
  • Students with Dreams taught me that you have to get creative to overcome problems that arise. You have to think out of the box.
    — Dreamer Lekodi Magombo
  • Yes, I am HIV-positive, so what!
    — Audience member at a Make Art/Stop AIDS performance, Chabwera Village

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