Tales from the Margins

The AGHCA is thrilled to report that the Umunthu programme was featured on Tales from the Margins, a new TV programme in the UK. The host, Dr Rainer Schulze, invited Programme Officer Rodger Phiri and Students with Dream alum Mwizalero Nyirenda to discuss the making of Mwizalero’s award-winning film, Umunthu: An African Response to Homosexuality, and the film’s impact in Malawi.

Tales from the Margins features films and documentaries from around the world that address issues faced by marginalized communities, sparking discussion and creating solidarity in our global community.The introductory series was comprised of films on LGBTIQ communities in a number of African countries, including Malawi.

Umunthu; an African Response to Homosexuality is a short film that follows three young Malawians – the filmmaker and two friends who hold opposing views on gay rights – as they cross the nation to discuss the controversial subject with a psychologist, pastor, secular humanist, journalist, human right activists, and ordinary Malawians.